Nubia Red Magic 5G review

by MD News Desk May 20, 2020

The Good

A good balance between a sleek and aggressive gaming design, RGB LED included.
Very nice build.
The best gaming display currently on the market with 144Hz refresh rate.

The Bad

Not many games can provide framerates to match screen refresh rate.
Underwhelming camera performance.
Disappointing battery life considering the capacity.

The Bottom Line

Can record 8K videos in 30fps.

8.7out of 10


  • Display6.65 inches
  • Rear Camera64 MP/8 MP/2 MP
  • Front Camera8 MP
  • ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 865
  • Resolution1080 x 2340
  • RAM8GB/12GB/16GB
  • Operating SystemAndroid 10
  • Storage128GB/256GB
  • Battery4500 mAh
  • WaterproofYes
  • Dual SimYes
  • Quick ChargingYes


A few of us discovered a year ago’s Red Magic 3 and 3s plan very invigorating. In the ocean of delicate glass sandwich cell phones, the Red Magic lineup offered a progressively tough aluminum unibody skeleton. In any case, this time around, nubia obliged the present plan slants by presenting a glass structure. The organization doesn’t unveil what form of Gorilla Glass has been utilized for the front, yet the back is by all accounts a standard glass sheet while the sides are made of aluminum with a completion that feels something among sparkle and matte.

The Black form we have here feels like an ideal mix between an increasingly moderate, rich appearance and the standard forceful gaming looks. We haven’t seen the inclination adaptation called Cyber Neon nor the Red model, however we feel they would be all the more speaking to the gamer’s group.

You despite everything get the LED-lit up RGB components on the back, however. The “Redmagic” engraving alongside the logo close to the base. The red stripes don’t have backdrop illumination so the RGB LED show this year is fairly humble.

As far as ergonomics, the back glass is bended from the middle to the sides consistently changing to the side edge. We found the arch especially satisfying and gives you the idea of a very much fabricated skeleton. The camera module is the main thing standing out, however the projection is extremely inconspicuous. You can nearly say it lies flush with the back glass board. The module, in any case, is home to the fundamental 64MP camera, the 2MP full scale focal point while the ultra-wide unit sits behind the glass board away from the module.

The side casing is similarly as pleasant as the back. It has chamfered edges all around, making the change between the front and back glass boards without holes or bulges. The smooth feel of the anodized aluminum is likewise something we acknowledge, however it’s not ideal for a protected grasp.

On the left side, you will locate a 7-pin connector for the nubia gaming embellishments, the admission fan grille, and the physical switch for the gaming mode. The volume rocker and the force button are set on the correct sitting right between the shoulder triggers and the fumes vent for the cooling fan. The catches feel overall quite clicky with a scarcely discernible wobble. Shockingly, however, we locate the situating of the force button imperfect. The thumb lays directly on the volume rocker, and we frequently ended up squeezing the volume up button rather than the force key. Fortunately, you won’t utilize the force button close to as much due to the in-show unique mark scanner and the wake-up signals. We will discuss that more in the product page.

The base side is marginally curved and houses the SIM card plate, the USB-C connector, and one of the amplifiers. Curiously, the top is the place the sound jack is found. It’s somewhat unordinary nowadays to see a 3.5mm sound jack, let alone on the highest point of the edge. All things considered, praise for including it.

Furthermore, concerning the front, it’s reviving to see the presentation with no patterns or gaps. Without a doubt, the top and base bezels are a piece on the thick side yet which is as it should be. For example, you despite everything need some space for the forward looking camera, the going with sensors, and the earpiece. Also, more critically, the thicker bezels will guarantee a progressively agreeable hold when messing around in scene. The side bezels are sufficiently meager, however.

All things considered, we truly preferred the plan of the handset. Beside the way that it’s tricky (like all glass telephones), fingerprints and smircesh are difficult to see, and the assemble feels strong. Our lone genuine grumbling is the force button situation and the lopsided dissemination of the weight. It feels top-substantial, and it’s hard not to see with the gadget weighing 218 grams. Of course, that is the expense of having such huge numbers of equipment highlights like shoulder triggers, uncompromising dynamic cooling structure, and a gigantic 4,500 mAh battery.


It’s invigorating to see screens with no blocks like openings and indents nowadays. Also, a beneficial thing that nubia is adhering to old fashioned bezels for this specific telephone. The present front structure takes into consideration a progressively agreeable and secure hold when messing around in scene mode. No compelling reason to stress for inadvertently contacting the screen.

In any case, enough about that. Shouldn’t something be said about the board itself? All things considered, it’s a 6.65-inch AMOLED screen with standard FHD+ (1080 x 2340px) goals and viewpoint proportion of 19.5:9. Be that as it may, what makes it unique is the super-quick invigorate pace of 144Hz. In the event that you are originating from the PC equipment world, you won’t be especially dazzled perceiving how present day gaming screens go significantly higher than 240Hz. The cell phone advertisement, be that as it may, has quite recently as of late began embracing the high-revive rate screens, and 144Hz on an OLED is a forward leap. For example, Samsung and Apple’s most recent leaders all top at 120Hz.

All things considered, there’s the contention of Android’s versatile games not supporting anything past 60 edges for each second. What’s more, that is valid for the vast majority of the games, yet the library of titles on Google Play going over that edge is developing. Additionally, regardless of whether the equipment can’t use those casings with a portion of the titles, that doesn’t mean you can’t value the smooth route and looking in various different applications and framework menus. In the event that you are an accomplished gamer, you will most likely notice the contrast somewhere in the range of 120Hz and 144Hz. It isn’t so evident, and it’s not stunning, yet it’s a decent thing to have and value each day you utilize your telephone.

Presently we should discuss numbers. The most extreme splendor we had the option to record is 483 nits, in with Max Auto, the board topped at 685 nits. It’s not the most brilliant board we’ve tried, yet it’s certainly up there. The Max Auto splendor is sufficient to give agreeable read on a brilliant bright day.

The shading adjustment, then again, is simply alright. The normal dE2000 in the default Normal mode is 5.4, while the Natural mode offers a somewhat increasingly exact 4.6. Also, if precision isn’t what you are after, go with the Colorful Mode as it offers hues that truly pop.


The Red Magic 5G is running the most recent equipment from Qualcomm for lead telephones – the Snapdragon 865 chipset combined with the Snapdragon X55 for 5G availability. At the end of the day, nothing that we haven’t seen previously. We recognize what’s in store from the SoC as far as crude, manufactured execution, yet the intriguing part is the supported and gaming execution. In any case, before we bounce into that, how about we experience the equipment once again and furthermore run two or three our normal benchmark tests to place things in the setting.

The Snapdragon 865, in view of the 7nm+ EUV producing process, accompanies an octa-center CPU utilizing one major Kryo 585 center ticking at 2.84GHz, three of similar centers running at 2.42GHz and 4x Kryo 585 centers dealing with the not really requesting assignments with 1.8GHz clock speed. An Adreno 650 GPU is utilized for graphically-escalated undertakings.

Additionally, nubia is making a lot out of the memory designs. The RAM can go up to 16GB LPDDR5, which is about 1.5x quicker than LPDDR4X memory. For capacity, the Red Magic 5G can go up to 256GB UFS 3.0, and that last piece is very good since it diminishes the heap times of games. Not by a great deal yet it’s consoling that you can come back to fight quicker if something goes sideways.

Proceeding onward to supported execution. We utilized the CPU choke application in the Play Store to perceive how the CPU handles high and delayed burdens. The principal run was managed without the cooling fan, while the second incorporated the cooling fan at most extreme speed. The two tests went on for 60 minutes.

With regards to genuine gaming execution, the handset is working superbly as well. We battled to discover games that help outline rates over 60, not to mention 144. However, one game stuck out – Real Racing 3. The game backings 144Hz showcases, and the telephone had the option to look after 144fps, and FPS soundness was above 90%. The game ran super easily and gave us a brief look at what the versatile gaming fragment will offer in a couple of years as a norm. In-your-face PC gamers will welcome the additional casings – everything is quite a lot more responsive and familiar. Incompletely as a result of the 240Hz touch reaction time, obviously.

Anyway, there’s a legitimate copper heatpipe associating the cooling fan to the metal shield covering the SoC. The cooling fan itself has an admission vent on the left half of the casing and a fumes vent on the correct side pushing the sight-seeing out. What’s more, between the heatpipe with the coolant inside spaces a multi-layer graphite material and a warm gel keeping the entirety of this set up. What’s more, last, however not least, there’s an aluminum plate that sits directly between the back glass board and the motherboard, which additionally assists with the warmth scattering.


The nubia Red Magic 5G has a relatively sizable battery with a limit of 4,500 mAh. Be that as it may, it’s a stage back contrasted with the past age Red Magic 3 and 3s, which had 5,000 mAh units. What’s more, the outcomes from the tests are telling.

Utilizing the telephone with its default 144Hz invigorate rate, you will get a somewhat frustrating screen-on schedule however exchanging over to 60Hz revive rate will net in a noteworthy increment in battery life.

The backup power draw isn’t influenced by the screen’s revive rate however it was likewise disappointing, which cuts down the general score considerably further.

We speculate that the Snapdragon 865 chipset is answerable for that, as the 4G and the 5G modem (the Snapdragon X55) is set outside of the SoC and has a prominent cost for power utilization.

While you can’t do much about the chipset power consumption, we presume that going for the 90Hz revive rate will be additionally saving on the battery life for screen on errands and it will at present convey a generally smooth encounter.

What’s more, in the event that you are purchasing the telephone outside of China, you will be disillusioned with the charging times also. The 18W charger had the option to charge the telephone from 0 to 33% quickly – not an incredible outcome.


In spite of the fact that the camera design on the new Red Magic 5G isn’t the best in class, it’s a noteworthy redesign over a year ago’s Red Magic 3 and 3s. This time, we have more than one central length on the back yet at the same time missing the zooming focal point. The primary camera utilizes the famous 64MP sensor combined with f/1.8 gap. The sensor itself is 1/1.72″ and 0.8µm pixels.

Lamentably, there’s no enough data on the ultra-wide and the large scale cameras beside the sensor goals – 8MP and 2MP, individually. The EXIF information shows f/2.3 for the ultra-wide and f/2.5 for the large scale focal point.

To the extent the selfie camera goes, it’s 8MP with f/2.0 gap.

Unquestionably, when searching for a gaming telephone, the camera quality isn’t the top need however it’s ideal to realize that you have a camera you can rely upon. Shockingly, the Red Magic 5G doesn’t think outside the box and it offers only a little improvement in this division contrasted with its ancestor.

The sunshine photographs have noticeable clamor in the uniform regions, there’s honing radiances are effectively obvious and don’t generally add to the general sharpness. The photos still look somewhat delicate. We’ve seen better sharpness from other 64MP-prepared units. You can expect, be that as it may, punchy hues, great measure of detail and wide powerful range in certain circumstances.

We’ve seen that the succulent hues impact kicks in when the AI identifies certain scenes. The “blue sky” scene is one of them. Look at the distinction in handling in these shots. In any case, in spite of the issues we had with the camera, the shots look really decent when taking a gander at them on the telephone’s screen.

The ultra-wide unit isn’t looking any better. With simply 8MP goals you can expect delicate pictures and that is the thing that you will get. The oversharpening radiances are here also yet this time, the extra honing done by the product makes the stills looking somewhat better than most 8MP ultra-wide cams available. Furthermore, the focal point revision is doing a truly fine activity. It’s still difficult to move beyond the underexposed pictures and the clamor. The general handling helps us to remember the primary camera.

Pictures are solid with a lot of detail, sharpness, regular looking skin tone and commotion that is not actually in your face. Dynamic range is alright as well. Notwithstanding, the edge location needs more work. The subject may look somewhat unpleasant around the edges (notice the subsequent picture) and the product gives an excess of resilience between the foundation and the subject.

The forward looking 8MP camera offers shockingly sharp and point by point selfies. Without a doubt, they are unquestionably not extraordinary compared to others we’ve seen but rather it carries out the responsibility entirely useful for a 8MP unit. The skin of the subject is consistent with life, perhaps just marginally increasingly pale yet clamor is indeed an issue here. You can likewise see the cut foundation in a portion of the stills motioning for rather limited powerful range.

Like most present day Snapdragon 865-prepared leads nowadays, the nubia Red Magic 5G is additionally fit for recording 8K recordings. And keeping in mind that contenders are doing 8K film at 24fps, the Red Magic 5G is doing it at 30 casings for every second. We think there’s some addition going on here or nubia has figured out how to genuinely use the maximum capacity of the SoC. It appears that Snapdragon 865 with its ISP can in fact record 8K recordings at 30fps. Above all, we should investigate the most generally utilized goals, 2160p.

4K video quality is nothing uncommon, sadly. Hues are precise, and the dynamic range is solid in spite of the fact that the cloudy climate might be “blurring” our judgment here. All things considered, the video is looking somewhat delicate for 4K.


We’ve had a few issues with the past adaptation of Red Magic UI and the greater part of the issues identified with terrible interpretations from Chinese. In any case, this time around, we discovered just several confounding interpretations and generally missing stuff from the settings menu. In all actuality, nubia warned us this isn’t the last form of the product and an update is en route to resolve a portion of the bugs.

For example, there’s no Battery menu by any means. You can’t set the battery rate to show in the upper-right corner of the screen. We are certain that nubia will include a battery menu later on update.

Other than that, the product looks sort of stock-ish. There aren’t many changed UI components – the drop-down menu has a similar intrigue as in the vanilla Android. A portion of the snappy symbols do show up in green rather than blue, notwithstanding, making it simpler to recognize the various settings. The ongoing applications menu stays unaltered, and the general Settings menu has new bright symbols so you can explore easily.And like most profoundly redid Android skins, nubia’s Redmagic offers a bunch of cool programming highlights, beside the carefully gaming related ones, about which we will discuss later.

The Always in plain view alternative is one of the principal things we’ve taken note. The consistently on screen is profoundly adjustable with different clock styles and designs. You can even set a short clasp or GIF to be shown on top. Talking about the screen-related highlights, you can likewise set the revive rate recurrence to 60, 90 or, obviously, 144Hz. You can expect the most ideal battery life from the 60Hz mode and break down with the 90 and 144Hz. Maybe 90Hz stays as a sweet spot, as nubia has brought up in the depiction.

The Colorful Light Effect gives you a granular power over the RGB LED lighting on the back. You can pick between various styles, hues, inclinations and in which situations the “Red Magic” LED turns on – for warnings, during gaming, with approaching calls, and so forth.

Beside its job in gaming execution, the cooling fan can likewise be utilized to chill off the telephone during charging. We were unable to give it a shot since we got the standard 18W charger rather than the 55W one, yet we were informed that the fan kicks in to take into consideration better thermals during charging and furthermore forestalls the charging procedure from causing warm choking. The Cooling fan sub-menu is there to change the fan speed. You are given two alternatives – programmed alteration of the fan’s speed and the greatest speed for quicker and progressively productive cooling. Given that the sound originating from the fan isn’t boisterous or offensive going for the subsequent choice is prudent. It is a little piercing, however, so remember that.

Ultimately, we might want to address the new in-show unique finger impression scanner. It’s a genuinely necessary expansion to the Red Magic family, but at the same time it’s wretched. This is, pass on, one of the most temperamental in-show unique finger impression pursuers we’ve utilized in some time. Pretty much every opening required a few endeavors. We never could open the telephone from the main attempt, regardless of how we prepared the unique mark peruser. The peruser is additionally situated somewhat low on the screen so clients with longer fingers should do some finger aerobatic. Also, it’s not as quick as most unique mark scanners.

On an increasingly positive note, when you move the telephone, the unique finger impression region illuminates so you know precisely where to put your finger. This has worked phenomenally. You can likewise set a twofold tap-to-wake work just as raise-to-wake. Then again, you can simply put your finger in the correct spot, and the unique mark peruser will open the telephone. That is not something all telephones with optic unique mark perusers can do.

Should I Buy It?

Probably the greatest bit of leeway of the Red Magic 5G over the options is the 144Hz presentation. So far there’s no other telephone available that can accomplish this degree of perfection. Bad-to-the-bone gamers will presumably detect the contrast between the Red Magic 5G and the second-best alternative out there – 120Hz. Then again, beside the OS liveliness and the standard non-gaming applications, there aren’t numerous spots where you can flaunt your 144Hz screen. There’s just one game that bolsters 144fps and just not many that go past 60Hz.

Additionally, remember that purchasing a gaming cell phone is something like purchasing a gaming PC. It will be muscular, it won’t last a lot away from the charger while gaming and there are consistently bargains in some places. With gaming PCs, that is normally the measurements, weight and, some of the time, fabricate. With telephones, it’s the camera execution. The Red Magic 5G makes no special case to the standard and offers a camera experience that is simply alright. Shockingly, we weren’t especially intrigued with the battery life either. The unique mark pursuer’s exhibition was below average, no doubt, and the fairly confounding interpretations and still incomplete programming is difficult to overlook.

That doesn’t remove the way that nubia’s answer is an extraordinary incentive for cash. You get a future-confirmation gaming show, lead equipment, premium form, and quick charging (charger excluded from the retail box outside of China) for just around €500 relying upon the arrangement and the market, obviously. Those are likewise factors hard to disregard.


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