• Top Apps to make the most out of you Limited Edition Nubia Z17 Mini
  • Device handles even heavy duty games the with ease
  • Display provides impressive VR experience on Google Cardboard

ZTE owned Nubia recently launched the Limited Edition Nubia Z17 Mini. The Limited Edition device features a beautiful Aurora Blue design with matte-finish all metal back panel giving it one of the most beautiful phones in the Indian market today. Not only looks, but the limited edition device is different from its standard edition in terms of performance also. It features massive RAM and immense 128GB inbuilt storage.

The 6GB RAM is capable of handling just anything you throw at it without any lag. So here in this list, we have included top 10 applications that are useful for day-to-day use and also help you get the most out of your device.

1. Google Cardborad

Nubia Z17 Mini Limited Edition

The Limited Edition Nubia Z17 Mini houses very thin bezels and an impressive 5.2-inch display with a pixel density of 424ppi. The display it a suitable device for running the Google Cardboard app that puts virtual reality on your smartphone. The app provides you your favourite VR experience by connecting you to Google Earth and flying you around the beautiful planet. You can also get a visit to Versailles with a local guide and let you examine cultural artifacts from every angle and much more.

2. Injustice 2

Nubia Z17 Mini Limited Edition

Injustice is a gaming app with a very heavy graphical interface to provide an ultimate gaming experience on your smartphone. Not all phones can handle app, but if you have a Limited Edition Nubia Z17 Mini you will have no problem in running the app. The 6GB of RAM coupled with Snapdragon 653 processor and Adreno 510 GPU let you play the game without any lag or missing even a single frame.

3. Mortal Combat X

Nubia Z17 Mini Limited Edition

Another heavy duty gaming app is the Mortal Combat X that is available free on the Google Play Store. The Mortal Combat X delivers an outstanding gaming experience with high-quality visuals. The app brings the power of next-generation gaming to your device with its stunning graphics.

4. Microsoft Office Suite

Nubia Z17 Mini Limited Edition

Gaming can be a very good time pass but smartphone apps have also made our work easier. One such app to install on Limited Editon Nubia Z17 Mini is Microsoft Office Suite that allows you to access, view and edit documents virtually from anywhere. The Microsoft Word allows you to manage Word documents, Microsoft Excel for creating and managing sheets and Microsoft Access for creating and editing presentations. The setup also allows you to directly share documents using Microsoft Outlook.

5. Snapseed

Nubia Z17 Mini Limited Edition

The Limited Edition Nubia Z17 Mini sports a 13MP dual camera setup on the rear and a 16MP front selfie shooter. The camera setup allows you to capture beautiful and professional-like photos with the help of Bokeh mode. There is always a scope for a little editing, the best video editing app in the market today is Snapseed. The app was voted as the best app of the year in 2011 by Apple. It is a complete and professional photo editing app. It offers a wide range of exposure, colour, masking and reshaping tools, filters and brushes. It offers non-destructive editing which allows the user to go back anytime into the Stack to adjust or eliminate the edit. The layer of the stack of edits that you have applied on an image can be saved as “Look”, which can later be applied to other photos with a touch, just as the “Action” in Adobe Photoshop.

Do let us know your pick in the comments section below.


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