what-are-advanced-targeting-optionsThe real key to social media advertising is really developing your skills for advanced targeting. In order to do this you need to know what the options are. When you are able to do this then you make the relevancy of the ad much more detailed and focused. There are several options that are available to you when it comes to advanced targeting.

Customized targeting

What you can do here is utilize the Facebook or the Twitter platforms for this type of targeting. Basically what it is comprised of is uploading a list such as usernames or email addresses that you have collected, and you can then target them directly through your social media network.

Look-alike targeting

With this type of audience targeting you are going to be focusing on the audiences who have the similarities that meet the target profile you have created. It helps to reach out to new people and build your audience base. This is a targeting method that you can use at LinkedIn or Facebook.

Interest targeting

This type of targeting is pretty well broad spectrum in that most of the social media platforms will give you this choice. This is where the specific audiences of these platforms have reported what their interests are and then they have been categorized into groups. If you were in the business of selling bikes then you would definitely want to target the markets with these needs, who showed their interest in bike riding for example. The platforms that offer this are Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Connection targeting

Connection targeting is behavioral targeting where you want to target those audiences based on a specific behavior or intent that they have indicated in their profiles when setting them. This is available on those platforms such as Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn.

Now having an understanding of how to drill down to your specific market outreach, it means taking a look at the platforms that you are going to feel the most comfortable working with.