• Users can send secret messages to their near and dear ones.
  • This new secret message service comes with a timer, and after the entered time the messages will disappear.
  • Users will feel safer and secure about their personal information with this new service.

Personal data security rise has grabbed the attention of social media users around the globe and people are seeking more private chatting services from the social media organizations. Where most of the social media giants, are working on end to end encryption for a secure private chatting experience, social media giant Facebook has taken it to the next level with its secret messaging services. Recently the Facebook data scam has affected its global market that is why the decision making the authority of Facebook has introduced this new service.

Features of Facebook Secret Message Service:

You have to choose the secret message service from the settings of facebook messenger. This service is not meant for group chats, it will enable you to continue one to one conversation. After selecting the contact icon all you have to do is activate the secret message service and switch on the timer. You can set the timer as per your preference. Once the selected time is up then the text message will disappear. According to the officials of Facebook, this new feature will keep the personal information of the users safe and secure.

Though the officials said that, the messages can be saved by using screenshots and that is entirely up to the choice of the users. This service is for text messages only and no voice records and multimedia files can be sent by using this service. Users have to use this service for one to one chat and group messages can’t be sent by using this new secret messaging service.


This new secret message service from Facebook is compatible with iOS and Android-based operating system.

iOS users can install the Facebook Messenger application to use this service. If you using an iOS-based device then you have to go to the home tab of facebook application. At the right, you will see an icon named as compose. Tap on that and select the secret message to continue this service.

Android users can use this service by simply tapping on the contact icon. After tapping on the contact icon the option for secret message service will appear, all you have to do is select the option to continue with this service.


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