Gone are the days when photographers had to be called to take family pictures. This is the age of smartphones. Everyone can be and is a photographer. In addition, everyone has an advice lined up for you to take the best pictures. But no one tells you the basics, do they? The unfortunate many don’t know how to take the best pictures and think there is something wrong with them. The material world that we live in needs us to blend in and share even our most intimate moments with the world. Know this- you are amazing and by learning simple tips and tricks you can become a great photographer.
So what does it take?

The light at the end of the tunnel-

You cannot forget about the light when you take a picture. Always know that the best pictures need the best lights. The smartphone isn’t built to take pictures in all conditions, so make do with what you have. See where the light is coming from and adjust your camera accordingly.

Don’t shake just relax-

People often end up taking pictures while shaking their phone a lot. Don’t. Just relax, hold your phone horizontally for a wider frame (even if it makes your selfie look weird to you) and just click.

Zoom and move-

Instead of zooming in from your phone, just move closer to the object or the person. Zooming in from phone ruins the pixels of the image and it looks grainy and obviously like a newbie took it. Move more.

Angles and cleanliness-

You have to think about the angles when taking a picture. Its all about the right angles. Move a little, practice a lot. Change your point of view, explore bird’s eye view, its the best and always keep your camera clean. Always.

Apps are your friends-

A lot of applications these days help you edit your pictures to make them look professional and best. Use them. Don’t be scared to experiment.

Going away advice-

Have as much fun as you can. It’s not work, it’s a recreational activity. Take as many pictures as you want of as many things, people and places as you want. Explore. Move and stay happy. Smile, for someone maybe capturing you on their camera.
Stay awesome!!


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