business-advertising-on-pinterestPinterest is one that hasn’t received quite as much attention when it comes to business advertising as Facebook and Twitter have. However, when used properly it can also be a very powerful resource. It too comes with its own separate learning curve but it is believed that Pinterest is going to move forward in leaps and bounds when it comes to being a valuable resource for business advertising.

Some individuals find it much easier to work with because it’s more image orientated and the advertising program here is by developing promoted pins. The one drawback about Pinterest advertising is that the promoted pins are only available to those businesses that are available in the US.

They also offer a different level of business advertising which is known as the auction based promoted pins or self-serving promoted pins. These are based on a bidding system where the more you are willing to pay for your advertising the better position you are going to get with the pin being promoted in regards to placement.

If this is a platform that you are seriously considering then you are going to have to make sure that you have a business account set up here. This will mean that you will have to be approved in order to promote pins and there is a little bit of a wait for approval and this turns some potential business advertisers away.

While this social platform may be showing all the signs of being a excellent channel for business advertising it may not be wise to make this the first choice based on the restrictions that are in place for it at the moment. This doesn’t mean that you can’t build a Pinterest following in a more generic way rather than looking at it just for promoted pins to boost your advertising potential.

Before making this decision on Pinterest check out the other social media platforms to see if these will be more workable for you. It is the rate of return that is going to be important otherwise your business advertising has no real value.