business-advertising-on-instagramOne of the main aspects about your online presence that you must keep in mind is that you must be mobile friendly. This also has to be a major factor that is considered with your business advertising. One of the best platforms that focuses on the mobile offerings is Instagram.

If you are not totally familiar with this platform they have in excess of 500 million users. The audience that is found here are usually found to be highly interactive. Again as with all of the other platforms it comes with the learning of how the platform works in general, and then developing your skills for ad creation. What is interesting to note is that Instagram ads cannot only be bought, but can also be managed through the interfaces of Facebook’s self-serve. This is relying on the ads manager and the power editor.

One of the enticing features about using Instagram is that it is something that is available to both the small as well as large businesses. It allows you business interaction to increase awareness and deliver messages through your ad to the target markets that you are focusing on. You have a great selection for ad choices where you can stay with the basic photo ads, or if you really want to step up your outreach then you can look at video ads as well as carousel ads.

By using this platform you are going to be able to reach some of your business objectives when it comes to your advertising campaign which would be website conversions, visits to your website installation of your apps, as well as app engagement. It is going to take some time to learn how to use Instagram to your greatest advantage for your business advertising. However, there are some niches that do extremely well on this platform to the point where they have made this their number one priority. You are going to have to do your research to see if this is going to fit in with your business advertising plan.